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Payment and Refund

Payment Method

Payment Payment Method
Online Payment PayPal Paypal Account:
Credit or debit card Visamaster card
Offline Payment Bank Transfer T/T

Beneficiary Bank Name: Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Beijing Municipal Branch

Bank address: No. 28, Anding Road, Dongcheng District, Beijing, PRC

Beneficiary Account Name: Beijing 352 Environmental Technology Co., Ltd.

Account Number: 0200 0648 0902 4637 659


Local Payment Only supports Local payment in the United States temporarily
other payment Please contact your sales managers directly

Payment Problem

1.PayPal commission fee.
PayPal charges a 3.0%+0.3 commission fee for each order. please know that. the fee will be added to the order.
2.About the currency exchange rates
Lifubide refers to the current exchange rate.
3. What currencies do you accept for payment
USD(United States Dollar), CNY(Chinese Yuan), and EUR(European Dollar) are accepted. If you have special demand, please contact Lifubide for further assistance.
4..The max amount of payment by credit card.
Generally speaking, Lifubide accepts the max amount of payment by credit card as 2000USD. If you have special requirements, please contact our online servicers or your sales manager.
5.Error message when completing the payment.
Please check with your credit card bank. If it still occurs, contact our customer service.
6. Are there any additional fees if I make the payment by T/T or Bank transfer?
Lifubide doesn't charge any fee. All the commission fees customers need to pay for T/T or Bank transfer only include the remittance bank fee and intermediary bank fee. Lifubide will pay for the commission fee of receiving bank.
7.Can you declare only 100usd to my order?
Please contact your sales manager of our company.


1. The route of refunds
All the refund will be sent back to the original account which pays for them. Lifubide doesn't support sending back refunds to a different account.
2. Why the refund is lower than you expect ?
please note that the following costs can't be refunded.
a. Currency conversion fees are charged by your credit card issuer.
b. Credit card transaction fees.
c. Floating exchange rates.
Please contact your issuing bank for further information.
3.How long does it take to get the refund?
Payment Method Duration
PayPal Refund immediately after processing
T/T 2-5 workdays
Credit card 7-15 workdays
4. What products can be applied for a refund.
That products meet the following items together can apply for a refund.
  1. The products must be purchased from Lifubide or 352 company directly by the official website, Amazon shop, etc.
  2. The products are defective or the quality/ functions can't meet your need.
  3. It must be during 30 days from the day of customer receive products.
  4. Any products applying for a refund must be returned to Lifubide in the original package at first, including any accessories included with the item (Cords, chargers, manuals, etc.). The product must be able to be completely repackaged with the original packaging.
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